Rakennusvuosi 1921 | Suunnittelija G.L. Stenbäck | Veistämö Åbo Båtvarf | Seura HSS
Pituus 13,588 m | Leveys 2,386 m | Paino 6825 kg | Purjepinta-ala 76,989 m2


The first finnish eight metre yacht

Naja is the first finnish eight metre yacht built according to the rating rule of year 1919. She has had several owners, among them Timo Brofeldt and H. & E, Burmeister of NJK, H.S. Juselius of ESF and T. Lill and Mikko Nyrén of HSS. In 1945 or 1946 Naja was sold to Sweden where she was passed from owner to another by a couple of years intervals. In 1989 she was bought back to Finland by Matti Rajala. She suffered serious damage in 1992 after which she did'nt sail until Tuomas Ruokolainen bought her. Tuomas Ruokolainen organised a three year restauration project that involved literally changing or repairing more or less everything in the boat. Even a new lead keel was poured to replace the non-original cast iron keel. Today Naja is a magnificient sight with gleaming white topsides and glowing red varnish in the cock pit and ruffing. In 1996, she again sailed the finnish waters. Thereafter, she has been equipped with new sails, a carbon fiber spinnaker boom, naturally covered with wood veneer and many more refinements. Naja is probably the only eight in Finland that could race with zero penalty according to the racing rules for completely restored eights.



Tuomas Ruokolainen


Suomen kasit 2015


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